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MySQL related errors
Posted by Naveed Peerzade, Last modified by Naveed Peerzade on 14 December 2014 02:16 PM

The most common error you will receive is

Error in db: Access denied for user '___'@'_____' (using password: YES)

Please pay close attention as the error says it all "Access denied", that clearly means the details you have entered are wrong


  1. Have you created a new db? is it exactly as it shows in your cpanel? eg. xxx_yourdbname where xxx is your host username
  2. Have you created a new user? is it exactly as it shows in your cpanel?
  3. Have you assigned full privilieges to the same database? because if the user is not assigned to that database that means it doesnt have permission to use it.

Here is a great video tutorial by hostgator


If everything is okay and if you are still facing problem... the most common problem is:

When you copy paste any text some times it adds extra space. e.g.


"mypassword "



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