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Inserting autoresponder code for squeeze page
Posted by Naveed Peerzade, Last modified by Naveed Peerzade on 14 December 2014 02:16 PM

To insert your autoresponder code you must get the raw html code from your autoresponder service provider.

Here I am using an example of Aweber

Step1: Create a webform using the default fields 'name' and 'email'


AweberCreate Webform

Step2: Click on Publish and select "I will install my form"


Aweber Publish


Step3: Select Raw HTML Version, this is very important. It must contain all the form fields.
Also it would be good if you uncheck "Include beautiful form styles. Uncheck to get unformatted basic form,
since the form clean up code will automatically format it, we don't need the styling from aweber.


Aweber Publish Raw code


Now once you are done and copied the above code.

-- Go to your IPEControlCenter

-- Go to dashboard > Select site > and select the site

-- On the navigation, select content

-- From the list of pages, edit Squeeze page, scroll down a bit and in the section "AutoResponder WebForm",
paste your code in "Form Data:" and hit the "Clean up form code"


Paste the code in ipecontrolcenter


The system will clean up and format the above code and will show the code in "output field"

Once you are done, just hit the submit button to save the page.


Note: The form parser works with all major autoresponders such as aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, 1shoppingcart, ARplus etc.
However, if its impossible to get it work with all autresponders specially when the fields names (for name and emails) are randomly
generated and different for each form, in that case you will have to copy the following code and edit it with your fields

And then paste it in the output code directly.


<form method='post' class='af-form-wrapper' action='http://www.YourAutoResonderActionURL'  >
input id='xxxxx' type='text' name='xxxxx' class='text' value=''  tabindex='500' />
input class='text' id='xxxxx' type='text' name='xxxxx' value='' tabindex='501'  />
div style='text-align:center'>
input name='' type='image' src='{global_site_url}themes/global/squeezepage/default/images/button.png' />


1) Replace action='http://www.YourAutoResonderActionURL' with the url provided by your autoresponder look at your form code

2) replace xxxx with the respective values from your form code.. be careful to use the exact values...
eg. for "email" if you put "name" it may not work

3) you must add any hidden input values provided in your form, simply copy them as it is... and paste them before < /form>
eg. < input name="meta_split_id" type="hidden" />

If you have tried this and still have problem, you may create a ticket with your autoresponder code as well as your ipecontrolcenter URL

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