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Knowledgebase: Presale FAQs
Presales and Product Related Questions
Posted by Naveed Peerzade, Last modified by Naveed Peerzade on 20 November 2017 08:12 PM

 Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the monthly continuity program that I am paying for?
There is no recurring billing with the initial purchase. The monthly membership is an upgrade that is offered after your initial order. This applies to only members who subscribed before March 2017

2) What will be the cost of using the IPE Control Center?
If you have purchased our special offer, you have been licensed to use IPEControlCenter to manage these product and and it will be associated with your active membership. So your membership includes a license of this application.

3) Can I add my own products?
If you have any product yourself, you may add them in the IPEControlCenter as an upsell / downsell etc. Simply add new product and create a salespage for the same and then add it in the salesfunel.

4) Can I add other PLR products for branding graphics etc?
Unfortunately, its not possible. If we were to add that feature, we will need to create a photoshop alertnative and you will require the same skills as you would with photoshop, so its better to photoshop itself :)

5) How are the products delivered to my customers?
Once you brand the product you will be able to download them and use with your own product delivery application, or you may simply create a paypal hosted button and redirect the user to the download page.

If you are an IPEControlCenter license member, the branded product will be set up on your controlcenter. After that your buyer will be able to download them as a zip file from secured (password protected) members area from your site.

6) Do I need to download anything? Such as html editor, photoshop etc?
Absolutely NO, everything will created for you, fully branded with your details... on-the-fly.

If you are not using IPEControlCenter, then you may use notepad to make some minor changes such as integrating autoresponder form and inserting your order link.

7) Do I still keep the products if I do not continue with your continuity program?
Absolutely, you keep what you have paid for (unless you have been refunded)… If you are using IPEControlCenter, make sure you brand all the products you have paid for, before cancellation, after that you may use them with your ControlCenter (on your server).

8) Do you provide any support? And does it take days to weeks to get the answer?
All my customers, members always receive priority support. In most cases it will be minutes to few hrs to get the response except during the peak time such as our major launch, when lot of queries are expected, it may take bit longer than expected, but rest assured that your ticket will be answered ASAP.

9) Will you teach me how to use the system?
I have personally created detailed, easy-to-understand video tutorials. If you are using IPEControlCenter, and still facing any issues, I will personally work with you via skype call and get the ControlCenter set up on your server.

10) I do not have cpanel, will the IPEControlCenter work for me?
The system has been created to work with any host that has apache, FTP access and mysql. So I don't see any reason not to work with non-cpanel hosts, though its impossible to make it work with all the web hosts.

So you can give it a try, if it does not work with your host, I will work with you personally and try to get it work. And you will be refunded.

11) If I have published a site on a domain/host that want to change later, can I do that?
Yes, simply go to your IPE Control Center… unpublish the site first and then enter new website url with other details and publish it again.

12) Do I need my own domain / hosting
Absolutely. Your branded product and sites will not be stored on our server as everything will be hosted on your server

13) What about the ControlCenter updates and bug fixes?
All the bug fixes are being handled on priority basis and your application will automatically be updated as soon as we release patches or new version. Again there is nothing to download or manually update it.

15) What are the Webhost requirements for IPEControlCenter?
Your webhost must have following…
Apache, Linux, MySQL, FTP,
PHP version 5.6 (7.0 is not support at the moment)
Ioncube Loader 4.0,
and curl …

Most of the servers already have them, if not, they should be happy to enable them for you.